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Important Financial Habits To Establish
Wednesday August 26th, 2015

The best way to avoid bankruptcy is to start creating good financial habits now so you don’t have to pay for bad habits (literally and figuratively) later. This list of important financial habits to establish will be your guide to taking financial responsibility into your own hands and experiencing financial freedom. Live Within Your Means […]

Whether you’re in school or just beginning your career, your twenties are a defining period in your life and can play a pivotal role in your financial well-being.  Many young people who don’t have backgrounds in financial management are uneducated on important behaviors that are essential to achieving financial stability, but making a few key […]

8 Biggest Money Mistakes Newlyweds Make
Wednesday August 12th, 2015

Getting married is a very important and exciting time in someone’s life. It brings about many lifestyle changes that all couples must adapt to, and one of the most important of these changes revolves around money. More often than not, marriage means two bank accounts becoming one, sharing funds, and preparing for the future together. […]

How Much Of Your Paycheck Should You Be Saving?
Wednesday August 5th, 2015

According to a recent study conducted by CreditDonkey, 41% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. And if you’re among the 76% in this country who are living paycheck to paycheck you may wonder how people have even that much saved up. Read more on how much you should be saving and how you […]

7 Almost Effortless Ways To Save Money
Wednesday July 22nd, 2015

Saving money can seem almost impossible. Unexpected expenses and impulsive splurges can drain your bank account before you even realize what is happening. Whether you are trying to save for a big trip, or just want to be more financially sound, we have rounded up some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily […]

Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Emergency Fund
Wednesday July 15th, 2015

Unfortunately, life cannot be planned out perfectly. Too often we see this happen when people come into our office with problems that could not have been predicted. Life happens, from your pet getting sick to losing your job, emergencies pop up and they are often costly. The beauty of having an emergency fund is being […]

3 Quick Steps To Build Your Credit
Wednesday July 8th, 2015

Step 1: Understand what your FICO Score means The first step in building your credit is having a good understanding of what goes into your FICO Score (frequently referred to as a credit score).  FICO Scores are broken into five different factors with varying importance, which are the most commonly used ways to measure credit. […]

How To Create A Budget
Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Credit card debt can be easily avoided with the right tools, such as a budget to help manage your finances. Budgets give a great overall picture at how much you are spending and where exactly your money is going. Learning how to create a budget seems like a painful process of examining your finances, but […]

A New Homeowner’s Checklist for Success
Wednesday June 24th, 2015

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! This is such an exciting time as you start the next chapter of your life, but are you ready? Owning your home comes with many perks like no pesky landlord to report too, but it does come with its pitfalls too. What if your dishwasher breaks or there is […]

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