7 Almost Effortless Ways To Save Money
22 de julio de 2015

Saving money can seem almost impossible. Unexpected expenses and impulsive splurges can drain your bank account before you even realize what is happening. Whether you are trying to save for a big trip, or just want to be more financially sound, we have rounded up some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to increase those zeros in your bank account! Check out all of our 7 almost effortless ways to save money below and watch those dollar signs grow!

Avoid Out of Network ATMs

The average out of network ATM fee is upwards of $4. While that might not seem like much, it adds up fast. For example, if you use an out of network ATM 5 times, that’s $20 lost. If your bank doesn’t have any ATMs in your area, consider switching banks or finding a bank that will reimburse ATM fees.

Bring Your Lunch to Work

Buying lunch everyday is a sure fire way to drain your bank account, instead pack a lunch. Don’t give the time old excuse of “I’m too busy.” Make packing your lunch part of your daily routine, and it won’t seem like such a burden. To save time in morning, pack your lunch the night before. If you can’t bare the thought of not going out to lunch, make it your goal to go out to lunch only once a week or on special occasions. If you do eat out, save money and skip the soda, drinking water is not only healthier for your body but for your wallet.

Save change

We know you have heard this before, but save your spare change! Everyday when you get home place all of your spare change in a jar. While a couple spare quarters and dimes here and there, may not seem like a lot- however, it adds up!  Once your jar is full, take it to a coin counting machine and watch the money roll in.

Use a shopping list

When you hit the grocery store bring a shopping list and stick to it. You will be less likely to overspend on items you don’t need. Another way to save at the grocery store, is to buy generic and store brands. You’ll get all the same products, but you won’t feel a hole in your wallet.

Buy in bulk

Buying items in bulk might be seem more expensive when you are at the cash register, but in the long run it greatly reduces the cost.

Use a gas pricing app

If you drive everyday then you know how costly filling up the tank can be. Did you know that gas prices range within zip codes? Using a gas pricing app will help you find the cheapest places to fill up, thus saving you some of that precious dough!

Ditch your cable subscription

This may be hard to hear, but how often do you actually watch TV live? Many of your favorite shows can be found online. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are affordable alternatives to standard cable TV.  If you can’t even think about living without your cable subscription, do some research and look at all the cable providers in your area to make sure you are getting the lowest rate.

Who knew saving money could be so simple? From sticking to your list to buying in bulk saving money is easy.  Your wallet will thank you if you start to incorporate some of these money saving tips into your lifestyle. To learn more about how to manage your finances, contact one of the lawyers at Citizen’s Law Group today.