Foreclosure Defense in Chicago
10 de marzo de 2015

STOP Foreclosure

There is a popular saying in sports that a good offense is your best defense.  This logic also holds true when handling a foreclosure.

If you are:

  • Facing FORECLOSURE of your home or your investment property?
  • Unable to make your next mortgage payment?
  • Struggling each month to meet your mortgage payment?
  • In need of help to avoid bankruptcy and other negative remarks on your credit report?
  • In need of help to prevent foreclosure?
  • Denied assistance by your lender?
  • Fearing that your home will never really be yours?
  • Unsure about where to turn and who to ask for help?

If your answered YES to any of these questions above, let Citizens Law Group go on the offensive for you with results driven legal action.

Request a FREE Consultation with a Lawyer

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Don’t Rely on your Lender.

Our experienced real estate legal team:

  • Understands the burden you feel and carry in this process.
  • Understands that losing of your home is one of the most stressful situations.
  • Cares, Respects and takes legal action to protect your assets.

Remember, the lenders have an army of attorneys that are working for them.  You should have an attorney that is experienced in the foreclosure process to work on your side.

Fighting Foreclosure When You Got a Bad Loan

If your foreclosure is due to your inability to make payments on on a bad loan, you’re not alone.  Thousands of people obtained bad loans and have successfully fought banks to keep their home.  However, you must resist your first instincts to fight the foreclosure lawsuit alone.   Doing so may waste valuable time to taking appropriate action and possibly serve to “waive” valuable defenses. Our Chicago based foreclosure defense lawyers can help you take effective action.

Arguing with the Lender

Arguing with your lender is not a solution and will only postpone the correct foreclosure defense steps.  The lender you have a loan with will have a lot of leverage over you and, unless you’re a lawyer yourself, it’s going to be hard to differentiate empty—but intimidating—threats that they may make from legitimate actions they could take against you.

Producing The “Note” Myth

While there is some truth to the notion that, if a bank cannot find the promissory note it can prevent them from foreclosing. (The note in essence gives them “ownership” of your home) They will eventually find it, or will make arguments to a court to give them a judgment with only a copy.  This move may buy you some time, but you should not solely rely upon it to save you from being foreclosed upon.

Have a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Look at the Matter

A foreclosure defense lawyer can explore all possible defenses and check to see if there was deception or another violations of state or federal laws in the way that your original loan was written. Recently a class action mortgage lawsuit was settled by Bank of America for improprieties in their lending practices.  You will want to make sure that the lawyer you are working with is straightforward with you. (Be wary if a lawyer just says that they can help without looking at your situation first.) If you cannot afford your house or property, then other options should be explored (e.g., loan modification or short sale). Remember that there are bad lenders out there who gave good people terrible loans. We can help you fight a foreclosure if your home is being taken away from you without just cause. Call us today for a free consultation.