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Major financial decisions in an individual’s life can be some of the most daunting and overwhelming decisions to make, especially without the proper support. Especially in Chicago, where real estate can be particularly expensive and competitive, having the know-how and resources to ensure all the considerations involved in such decisions is essential to find success. So, whether someone is struggling to keep their head above water and foreclosure or bankruptcy may loom on the horizon, or a new real estate venture is in the works, finding the right bankruptcy lawyer or real estate attorney should be a priority.

At Citizens Law Group LTD., you will find a results-driven and client-oriented approach for success, regardless of the support you need. From the prospect of bankruptcy to the possibility of a short sale, attempting to navigate these processes alone can spell disaster, leaving you right back to where you started. However, with the proper guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in the Chicago area, finding the results you seek in your legal goals can be more attainable than previously thought possible. To start exploring your options and clear up any confusion you may have, request a free initial consultation with Citizens Law Group LTD. today!

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Avoid Foreclosure Through the Short Sale of Your Home

Avoid Foreclosure Through the Short Sale of Your Home

Another possible alternative to foreclosure is entering into a short sale negotiation with your bank. However, if this is the path you choose to take, finding a short sale attorney to be in your corner is vital. From negotiations to providing advice based on experience gained throughout a career helping clients in similar situations, it makes much more sense to consult with an attorney rather than simply a real estate agent.

One of the most significant benefits of a short sale for the homeowner comes if they find themselves facing the prospect of foreclosure. Since it can be nearly impossible to catch up on mortgage payments if you have fallen behind, it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. However, with the help of a short sale attorney, you may have more options than you think.

A short sale offers homeowners struggling to stave off a possible foreclosure a way to resolve the foreclosure by selling the house for less than it is worth to resolve the foreclosure and owe nothing to the bank at the end of the process. However, this can be more complicated than it sounds. So, it is imperative the seek the guidance of an experienced short sale attorney in Chicago.

If you have begun to fall behind on mortgage payments and want a way to resolve a foreclosure debt-free to the bank, contact Citizens Law Group LTD. in Chicago, IL, as soon as possible to get started on a solution. By working with a short sale attorney throughout the process, you can proceed with confidence that the process will be handled efficiently and effectively… Read more

We’ll Help You Navigate Foreclosure

We’ll Help You Navigate Foreclosure

Many areas of real estate in the Chicago, IL, area can be confusing without the proper guidance. From considering acquiring real estate, navigating a foreclosure, or handling a short sale, turn to Citizens Law Group LTD. for the best real estate lawyer available.

An attorney can assist you with one critical aspect of real estate law is foreclosures and foreclosure defense. While there are other options, one of the methods of defending against a foreclosure can be exploring the option of bankruptcy. However, one thing is for sure – if you are behind on mortgage payments or are otherwise concerned that foreclosure may be coming in the near future, do not ignore it.

While many people are convinced that once they receive notice that their house may be foreclosed on that there is nothing that can be done, this is absolutely not true. However, it is critical to speak with a foreclosure defense attorney as quickly as possible to get started on a solution… Read more

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Bankruptcy has gained a negative reputation in the minds of many due to the negative connotations surrounding it. However, its primary goal is to relieve the burden on those who have found themselves under insurmountable levels of debt. While there are many strategies and paths to a resolution through bankruptcy in Illinois, the end goal is still the same - to give someone in debt a fresh start financially and to allow them to seek relief from the constant harassment and struggle surrounding their debt.

When it comes to choosing the right bankruptcy option for you, it is critical to speak with a bankruptcy attorney as quickly as possible. However, most people generally have two primary options when deciding how to proceed. After speaking with a bankruptcy attorney, you will be asked to take a test to determine the reality of your financial situation, which will determine the best or only option available when choosing if bankruptcy is the right choice for you. The two primary options one is likely to encounter are chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option for those who have little to no way of paying back their debt through expendable income or otherwise entering into a payment plan, as is the case under chapter 13 bankruptcy. Instead, those who qualify for chapter 7 will be assigned a bankruptcy trustee, a court-designated individual responsible for determining assets that can be liquidated to pay down the debt to the creditors. Once this has been completed, most of the remaining dischargeable debt will be discharged, and you will have a chance at a fresh financial start.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also the faster of the two primary options, often being years quicker than chapter 13 due to the nature of the process. Still, every case should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by a trained professional. Another typical reservation that many folks hold is the fear that all of their possessions will be taken, leaving them with next to nothing for their fresh start. However, this is not the case. There is a list of exempt items that a bankruptcy attorney can explain in more detail, and when considering taking the path of bankruptcy, a preliminary list of the property you may be able to keep will be made based on the details and unique circumstances surrounding your situation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can generally become an option if the test to determine your financial standing shows you have a certain level of expendable income. In these cases, the creditors, your attorney, and other officials will collaborate to devise a payment plan to begin paying down your debts. If this plan is approved and accepted by everyone involved, there will typically be monthly payments made for the duration of either three or five years.

The amount of payment every month and the percentage of debt that ultimately must be paid back will be determined and negotiated by your attorney, the court-appointed officials, and representatives of your creditors. This is why having an attorney to guide you through the process and to stand by your side is essential. Without the proper guidance, both before, during, and after, you may open yourself up to the unnecessary risk of ending up right back where you started.

To get started on exploring the bankruptcy option that may be right for your situation, contact Citizens Law Group LTD. as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.

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Regardless of the situation you have found yourself in, the first step in finding a solution is to find the best bankruptcy lawyer or real estate attorney possible. In Chicago, at Citizens Law Group LTD., we offer personalized consultations to allow us to get a clear and complete picture of your unique circumstances to help determine the best possible solution for you.

So, whether you need advice on a possible short sale from a short sale lawyer or are only beginning to fall behind on some of your bills and need assistance, our office is here to help. Don’t ignore any potential issues any longer! Call to schedule an initial consultation and get started on a solution today!

What To Do Now!What To Do Now!

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