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“I was fortunate to have met Josh during a very tough stage in my life financially. He executed a strategic plan that saved my home and got my spiraling debt under control. I recommend him to anyone with debt or real estate troubles.”– James

“A resourceful and intelligent attorney. Josh is a tremendous problem solver and tireless advocate for his clients no matter how complex the issue.”– A Satisfied Client

“I have used Citizens Law Firm for multiple real estate transactions over the last decade. They were competent, professional and on top of everything. Several transactions were complex. I felt confident that they would be able to handle any difficulties. I could rest assured that I was in good hands. Great service from a very smart attorney. Citizens Law Group will handle all my future real estate matters.”– Lyse

“Joshua and his team assisted in our property sale in IL all the while I was located in TX. Joshua and I hit off immediately, he was very personable and listened to my situation and offered his opinion of the path forward. I can tell you, it was the best option on the table. They were all professional and knowledgeable of the process and every step went unmissed. Every time I reached out, they were quick to respond with an acknowledgement of receipt and or response to my questions. Joshua and his team are 2nd to none, the best in the business. I appreciate all the effort and work completed along the way, communication and deliverables were consistent and on time.”– Dan

“Joshua was extremely helpful during a difficult time in my life. He was able to understand my situation and provide various opportunities for me to get out of my financial situation. I’m extremely impressed with his ability to both empathize with me while still providing calming answers to my complex situation. Thank you.”– Derek Berman

“Hiring Josh Martin and his staff were the best decision we ever made. First I spoke on the phone with Brian who listened to my problems and gave me the initial breakdown of what Citizens Law Group could help me with. Brian made me feel like I actually had a chance to fix things and that he actually cared about what was happening to my family and I. We came in to see about stopping our foreclosure and filing bankruptcy. While at our free consultation Josh went over all of our options, he took his time and explained how the entire foreclosure process works, he never made us feel like we were wasting his time or did he mind answering our questions. Josh then had us see his associate Dan Roth about filing bankruptcy. Again, here was another employee of the law firm going out of his way to answer all of our questions and calm our fears. We chose to hire them and it was the best decision we ever made. Their paralegal Danielle Prosperini is the greatest, she would go out of her way to make sure that we understood everything, she would respond to my emails and my calls right away. I could not come into the office to go over some documents because I was at the hospital with my mother so Danielle came to me so that I did not have to leave my mother’s side. I can’t say enough about Josh Martin and his staff. They are extremely friendly, professional, caring and do not make false promises like other law firms. Josh and his staff are great at what they do and truly care about their clients. I could not be happier with them. If you want to feel like you are part of your attorney family rather than feeling like they just your money, you need to go to Citizens Law Group. This is hand down the best law firm in Chicago. I wanted to write this so that others will know that not all attorneys are the same and that there are great ones out there.”– Shavonne

“We just closed a short sale on our home in Illinois with the help of Joshua from Citizens Law Group! We honestly had lost hope on ever selling this house. Working with Joshua and his group was such a pleasant experience. He and his staff walked us through every step of the way. We never felt that we were left out of the loop. Thank You Joshua and I wanted to give a little shout out to Iryna from his office walked us through all the closing docs (via Zoom) and explained everything, I only wish I was half as organized as she is, the whole experience was so easy for us, and we know that short sales can be very difficult! The best to you all in this New Year!”– Susan Montgomery

“Josh and his team at Citizens are absolutely the best. I consistently refer him to my clients, who find that he goes far above and beyond to get their sometimes complicated situations resolved. There are problems that my clients have put in front of him that other attorneys had turned away or given up on, and Josh simply does. not. quit. No matter if it’s on the buy or sell-side.

He’s guided my sellers with short sales, IRS liens, difficult lenders, stressful tenant situations, HOA problems, major title issues, pending foreclosures…the list goes on.

My buyer clients love that he is a relentless advocate for him and they love that he gives solid, candid advice.

Josh is by no means your suit-and-tie kind of attorney; pop into his office and you’ll most likely find him wearing flip flops and a t-shirt. But please don’t mistake his attire for a lack of aptitude. Talk to him for 2 minutes, you’ll see what I mean!”– Ashley Kaehn

“I have worked with Citizens Law group for the last 4+ years and I can not say enough good things about them. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family for their legal needs. I would leave a better review if possible. Thank you again”– Fred Robey

“Excellent real estate attorney, I have used him several times over the years for my transactions. I would endorse without reservation.”– Matthew Pavonetti

“We had a great experience working with Desirae Bradford. She was very professional, polite and helped us with our case even though it was her last day.”– Roger salazar

“And Ashley, you work for them, obviously you have to say great things about them”– Octavio Ferrer Sr

“Gave you one star to be able to post a comment. This office doesn’t know how to conduct business, I dropped off earnest money check, paid for it to get certified the deal fell thru on the sellers behalf it’s taken this firm over a month to mail me my check back. I go to pick up the check at there office and the hours are posted on the internet wrong. Wasted my time with these people!!”– Victor Vazquez

“My transaction is not finalized yet, but so far Josh and Lupe were great and very responsive, always on top of their game. A huge improvement from my last lawyer.”– Julia K

“Josh and his law firm have saved numerous transactions for me as a real estate agent. When it comes to short sale negotiating pay offs difficult or hard to Handel clients this guy is a pro! I can confidently say he goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients and always provides exceptional service at very competitive price poont. Thank you for all your hard work sir ????????!”– Natan Kaplunskiy

“Just found my real estate attorney for life. Josh helped me with a difficult distressed property purchase and that I thought would never get to closing. His experience, knowledge and professionalism is second to none. His office is also conveniently located in Wicker Park park and was very accommodating to my work schedule.”– Jim Osmani

“My experience was absolutely positive anyone with issues should go here”– Guadalupe Lopez

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