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About to lose your home or business? Get familiar with the financial options available to you.

Dealing with financial difficulties is incredibly stressful and overwhelming. In many cases, debt can be accumulating for years, but reaching a breaking point can happen seemingly overnight. By working with an attorney that specializes in these matters, you will be able to construct a plan of action that will enable you to preserve the things that mean most to you – whether that be your home or business.

Understanding the best way to approach bankruptcy can be complicated without the proper knowledge. With the stigmas that surround bankruptcy, many people aren’t aware of the relief that it can provide. Fortunately, by speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer about your situation, you will be able to start making choices that will get you out of this financial rut and on a path toward a debt-free future.

At Citizens Law Group LTD, we are committed to providing our clients residing in Oak Park, IL with upstanding legal counsel. With close to 20 years of experience practicing law, Attorney Joshua Martin has helped countless individuals achieve financial independence – and he is prepared to do the same for you.

What sets us apart from other law firms is our dedication to personalized service. We understand that every client has different needs, and that’s why we make a point to work with each of them individually to come up with tailored legal solutions.

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Why Choose Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bankruptcy has the potential to provide you with a clean financial slate. Not only does it cut off contact between you and creditors, but it also creates a viable plan of action against the burden of debt. Millions of Americans have found financial relief through bankruptcy, it’s just a matter of determining which bankruptcy option works best for you. Whether you are lower or higher income, there are certainly opportunities for a smooth and efficient resolution to your financial difficulties by choosing to file for bankruptcy.

Different Ways To File For Bankruptcy

By speaking with a qualified lawyer, you will be able to determine what kind of bankruptcy you are eligible for. Whether you need an individual or business bankruptcy attorney, the professionals at Citizens Law Group LTD will stop at nothing to provide you with the information you need to move forward. The most prevalent forms of bankruptcy include:
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: As the most utilized bankruptcy option, Chapter 7 allows individuals to liquidate their assets in order to repay their debts. In many situations, you are able to hold on to the possessions that mean most to you by claiming “exempt assets”. To determine if this is the best choice for you, speak with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer about your situation.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Usually used by businesses, Chapter 11 paves the way for the “reorganization of assets” to discharge any debts. With the help of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer, you will be able to take care of your financial challenges while keeping the doors to your business open.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 is typically utilized by individuals with a “regular income.” This enables the debtor to set up a viable repayment plan that spans 3-5 years. With the help of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, establishing a payment plan is more straightforward than ever.
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Citizens Law Group LTD: We Stand With Our Clients In Oak Park, IL

chapter 7 bankruptcy law Don’t deal with your financial issues alone, get the relief you need by working with a skilled attorney from our firm. Are you seeking a bankruptcy court attorney in Oak Park, IL that will fight for your financial security? Citizens Law Group LTD is here to provide you with upstanding legal counsel no matter what your financial circumstances may be. Getting started with a proactive legal plan is the best way to mitigate any financial problems you may have looming ahead of you. With the guidance of the professionals at Citizens Law Group LTD, you can be sure that you will have the opportunity to make educated decisions about your debt settlement. Get in contact with our firm today to set up an initial consultation – and avoid losing your home or business to the hands of debt!
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